Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday: New Camera

Tree, High Park

THE FIRST TRULY LOVELY SPRING DAY, and Holy Thursday as well. A good day to test drive a new camera on a roundabout walk between my daughters' school and home, past the bare trees and the winter detritus.

Backstory: I've been dreaming of a small, lightweight but full-featured camera to carry around daily for a long time now - something smaller than a DSLR but with more controls than a point-and-shoot. I window-shopped and found what I was looking for, but a glance at my earnings made it obvious that I couldn't really afford it, so I was ready to crowdfund it on Indiegogo, offering prints for donations. It's all very nice to exhume decades-old photos but I am still, after all, a working photographer.

Before I could make my appeal, though, some very dear, generous friends bought it for me. I did not expect that.

Bridge, Sunnyside

Fence, High Park

St. Casimir's

Tulips, Roncesvalles Avenue

So with a morning free and the weather in my favour, I took it for a spin. Thank you again, Kathy and Arnie - you have been incredibly kind.

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