Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who are they?

Dancers, Toronto 1996?

A DANCE TROUPE, IN THEIR REHEARSAL SPACE. On assignment for NOW magazine, at some point in the mid-'90s. There's nothing on the negative sheet that gives me any further hints - not even a year.

What makes the shot is the shadow on the wall behind them. I wish I'd moved the fan in the background, but the ragged string of Christmas lights on the wall kind of work.

Years earlier I became obsessed with dance photography, and particularly Lois Greenfield's work in the Village Voice. I even cold-called her when I was in New York and visited her studio; she was initially wary of me, but relaxed a bit when I showed her my portfolio and she realized that I wasn't trying to horn in on her beat.

I knew I could never do that kind of work, so the best I could hope for was getting someone to strike and hold a pose, knowing that it would say less about movement and more about the flexibility and strength of dancers. I like how pleased the young woman in this shot looks, effortlessly supporting the weight of the fellow on her back.

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