Thursday, February 12, 2015


Teri, Parkdale, 1992

HER NAME WAS TERI, AND SHE WAS THE GIRLFRIEND of Dave, my old boss at Nerve. She was a model and needed portfolio shots so Dave gave me a call. I wanted some fashion in my own portfolio, so it was a good trade.

We started in my studio in Parkdale but - impetuously - I suggested we head outside after a few different setups and try to get something ... grittier. We ended up in a dodgy greasy spoon by the corner of Lansdowne (now long gone) where the patrons gave us funny looks but let me shoot in a booth and in the back, by the kitchen, where they stacked the empties.

My brief forays into fashion photography will be the subject of another post. All I can say now is that I loved the challenge of shooting fashion and even liked some of the results, but couldn't see my way to getting a foothold in that part of the business.

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