Thursday, May 3, 2018

David S. Goyer

David S. Goyer, Toronto, Nov. 2004

I DIDN'T KNOW IT AT THE TIME, BUT DAVID S. GOYER WAS THE FUTURE OF MOVIES. Four years before the release of Iron Man and the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Goyer was a self-professed comic book nerd writing, directing and producing movies that took superheroes into dark places. When I took these photos in a room at the old Four Seasons in Yorkville, Goyer's script for Batman Begins was in production and Hollywood was about to go all in on troubled men in tights.

Goyer was in town promoting Blade: Trinity, the only film he would write, produce and direct. He also wrote the scripts for Nicholas Cage's Ghost Rider films and the recent Superman reboot, which is the point man for DC's effort to close up the big lead Marvel took in the superhero movie market, and created the TV series Krypton, which takes the Superman story back before his birth. The Unborn, the last film he directed, is an intriguing sounding horror film based on the Jewish myth of the Dybbuk.

David S. Goyer, Toronto, Nov. 2004

I must have been feeling ambitious near the end of my first year back at shooting, as I tried to pull a bit of a Penn by posing Goyer sitting on a freshly made bed, against the clean white wall of one of the Four Season's suites. I wouldn't have handed it in to the free daily as a black and white shot, but I definitely saw it as a monochrome photo when I shot it, with Goyer's rather expensive-looking leather jacket as the main shape and texture in the shot.

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