Monday, March 16, 2015


A VIEW FROM A HOTEL ROOM WINDOW. But where? My only clue is the date on the back of a 4x6" photo lab print: October 14, 2003.

The only place I remember going in 2003 was Peru. So is this the view from my hotel in Lima, snapped offhandedly as I blew off a frame or two on the front of a roll while loading my Canon 7e, just after I'd checked in, and before a very brief night's sleep preceding the flight to Cuzco the next morning?


The columns of blurred light makes it look like a different city - a colonnaded and arched one - is growing out of the bubbling lights below. Not that Lima wasn't fantastic enough, at least to my eyes.

Here's another trimming, shot from the same spot. A bit less magical and mysterious: a nighttime view of the Palacio de Justicia across the Avenida España, shot on either the Canon or my Olympus Stylus:

And another bonus trimming: A view from inside the same room in the Sheraton Lima:


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