Thursday, December 25, 2014


Jameson Avenue, Toronto, December 2001

I DON'T IMAGINE THERE'S ANYTHING MORE PURELY PHOTOGRAPHIC THAN SHOOTING LIGHTS. This was taken almost fifteen years ago, just a few blocks from our apartment, on a street in Parkdale that encourages a friendly competition between the residents of its less-than-luxurious apartments to put on a display of Christmas lights.

I was assigned to write a piece about the street for Toronto Life, and spent an evening there just after dusk with my Rolleiflex, some rolls of Ilford Delta 400 and a tripod. This shot didn't make the cut for technical reasons, but I've always liked it nonetheless for its wild patterns and an illusion of depth and even movement.

The American flag in the top left corner also reminds me that this was taken just a few months after 9/11, when emotions were ragged and there was still a lot of bruised empathy in the air. It seems like so long ago now.

Here's wishing everyone a safe and Happy Christmas.

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