Monday, August 18, 2014


The road to the sea, PEI 2014

I'VE BEEN AWAY FOR A WEEK. My sister offered us her cottage near St. Andrews Point in southeast Prince Edward Island and it was a great week by the water. I brought a camera or two, of course.


I once joked with my friend-I've-never-met-in-person Sean McCormick that while his landscape photography was all about the beauty of nature out in his prairie neck of the woods, mine tended to look like crime scene photos. I hope I've improved.

Wind farm

Well, maybe not.

Montague harbour

If you're a landlubber like myself, it's hard to avoid the stock images of a maritime setting, mostly because they're so foreign to my experience. The temptation of the picturesque can sometimes be hard to ignore.

Old pier footings

I could spend most of my time shooting this sort of stuff - a genre of landscape work I like to call "Earth five minutes after the humans have left."


Not groundbreaking stuff, of course, but a pretty good set of snapshots of what the world looks like to me, pared clean and catalogued. Available for framing.

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